Welcome to See Me Escape Rooms!

See Me Escape Rooms is Simi Valley’s number one escape room! We first fell in love with escape rooms after our first visit to one several years ago. We liked the idea, and we wanted to bring it to Simi Valley.

That’s how our first room, Hamilton's Hideaway, was born. We wanted our guests to have a good time and to learn something about one of our nation’s Founding Fathers. From there, things continued to grow to the point where we created our other rooms. Each room has its own unique level of difficulty, with Hamilton's Hideaway most likely being the most difficult.

Guests will not be asked to bring any kind of special tool or equipment into the room. You will not be required to have any outside knowledge before going through our rooms either. Having visited another escape room might be beneficial, but it’s not required.

We allow for 1 hour of escape time per-room, and we give three hints per-try (that’s for the entire party, not per-guest). Each party that goes in is timed, so everyone has an opportunity to set a new record.

See Me Escape Rooms is great for date nights, parties, birthdays, team building, and for anyone looking to do something fun!

Bookings must be made at least 1 hour in advance, we do accept walk-ins.

We hope you enjoy our rooms!